Phorlakh Sigil

Phorlakh SigilORIGIN An angel of elemental EarthPURPOSE Can assist with looking for jobs, opportunities, abundance, stability, and acquiring money.APPEARANCE A tall, androgynous angel that only wears a dark purple sash over the right shoulder. Phorlakh has the face of a woman but the strong muscular body of a man.

Kerub Sigil

Kerub SigilORIGIN Angel of elemental EarthPURPOSE Can assist you with how to use crystals and gems for any magickal purpose. Can also interpret lines or textures on the ground for you, which is known as geomancy.APPEARANCE His face appears to be chiseled from stone with a very serious expression and his body is short and muscular. He has several large gemstone rings on nearly every finger.

Ghob Sigil

Ghob SigilORIGIN Gnome King of elemental EarthPURPOSETreasure hunting and archaeological excavationAPPEARANCE A short bearded Gnome with dark hair and glowing green eyes wearing a brown robe and a black crystal pendant.

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