We are about to enter the Age of Aquarius, a time of enlightenment, freedom, and the sharing of information. Every 2,166 years we enter into a new age. We are currently in between Pisces and Aquarius.

The Age of Pisces is symbolized in the Bible with Jesus feeding a multitude with only two fish. The symbol of Christianity.

The Age of Aries is symbolized in the Bible with Abraham about to sacrifice his son until a Ram appears. This was the time of Judaism.

The Age of Taurus is symbolized in the Bible when Moses was walking down from Mount Sinai and destroyed the golden calf. The calf represented paganism, specifically the idol of Mithra wrangling a bull, which was pre-Zoroastrian of Persia.

Then the age of Cancer. This was a time of tribal shamanism.

The age of Leo was 10,833 years before now, 2,166 years x 5 ages. The Sphinx in Egypt was built between 7,000 and 9,000 BC. However the original face was that of the Jackal Anubis, an Egyptian Afterlife Godform that judged souls. The face was later changed to that of a man and the deep chambers below the Sphinx have been sealed to prevent the release of an ancient virus. Many ancient people have cremains there in a chamber under the Sphinx.

The age of Virgo was about 13,000 to 15,000 years ago. The last Ice Age was ending, humans already existed but this refers to the "virgin birth" representing the time period where the first souls started to incarnate into human beings, sent here from other areas of our Universe like Orion's belt, which align to the pyramids of Giza.

Debbie Solaris has more information on galactic history, but the intention here is to reveal that there are layers of understanding when reading the Bible, and how ancient civilizations used astronomy in there religious practice for contact with extra-terrestrial intelligences that commune with God the Highest. The Akashic records can be accessed by these beings, which keep an impression of every thought, word, and action in the cosmic matrix of our universe.

The Bible Code has already proven that information was encoded in a permutation that needed the invention of the computer to understand completely. Such as the section indicated with intentional spaces if you ever look at the original Torah written in Hebrew. This is Exodus 14 verses 19, 20, and 21.

Seventy Two angel names from the Pleiades can be found here. The messengers have specific purposes, depending on your goal, choose one that best aligns with your intention. They are aspects of God. Two get repeated so their are 70 unique aspects. Not only does the Earth and other planets spin as they orbit around the Sun, but the Sun itself is spinning and orbiting around the group of stars known as the Pleiades, or "Seven Sisters" of our Universe. The Pleiades itself has sometimes been referred to as the Celestial Kingdom or even the Norse Summerland. 

Typical depictions of Nordic looking luminous beings of light historically recorded in art as angels, are really intelligences originating from the Pleiades constellation, they communicate telepathically and typically stay at higher vibrational dimensions, sometimes known as "the Watchers". They are willing to come and beneficially help us when we pray, giving them permission to do so. Praying out loud is naturally more powerful.

A person can get rid of any negative spirit attachment or oppression by getting baptized, annointed with blessed oil, and given the gift of the Holy Spirit. Avoiding any addictive substances can help you keep your intuitive discernment.

Spirit Guides can be changed throughout your life, as spiritual experts of various backgrounds that are in alignment with your current goals. A person's Guardian Angel and Guardian Djinn you're born with, and are with you until death. Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and Guardian Djinn comprise your personal spiritual team working with the Holy Spirit on your behalf.

These personal Spirit Guides have access to dimensions above Earth's fourth dimensional time and space, which is how Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Rune Stones, Crystal Balls, Black Mirrors, Herbal Leaves, the I-Ching, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Ornithomancy, and Seer Stones are all divination tools that essentially work with your permission given to the messengers of the Holy Spirit. All you have to do is visualize and verbalize that you are divinely protected, sincerely feel it with confidence, and it is done. Your thoughts are electric, your feelings are magnetic, and together the thoughts and feelings you choose to emanate forms your aura's electro magnetic field and frequency. As the frequency changes with your mood, the color of your aura can also change.

Rhythmic Shamanic Drumming and Binaural Beats, can be used to raise and adjust your own brain waves to assist with astral projection and out of body experiences. Matching this raised frequency by simply listening to the sound waves will cause your pituitary gland at the center of your brain to naturally release DMT without the use of any external substances like entheogens such as mescaline or ayahuasca.

The astral world can be safe and natural as you create a peaceful setting, wisely choose a concise intention, speak pious words of prayer, and approach it with sincerity, respect, and gratitude.

Throughout history too many people have been misguided to be afraid of these spiritual tools by Hollywood drama, which is honestly a disservice to humanity and the ability to exercise our full divine potential. Even by setting an intention and randomly opening to a page in the Bible can be a good tool of angelic feedback, guided by your personal team from the Holy Spirit.

The Bible was written by different inspired authors like King David who authored the Psalms, or King Solomon who authored Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. Scriptures written by Kings, for other Kings to read, or about Kings like in the historical Chronicles. Psalms like numbers 23 and 36 are protective in nature, each Psalm having a unique purpose and most were meant to be sung out loud in praise to God the Highest.

Singing a Psalm or your own memorized personal affirmation during or directly after a shower can be very therapeutic as a daily ritual, as the element of water is used for healing emotions. Writing an intention on a bottle of water, then asking the angels to transmit God's divine favor, wisdom, and guidance onto it, thanking them, and drinking the water also helps. Since our bodies are made up of at least sixty percent water, Dr. Emoto's experiment on the crystallization of water molecules also applies to ourselves as vessels for water.

The element of Air in the form of incense or wind is used for fresh ideas and inspiration, the element of Earth like salt, minerals, or crystals for protection, prosperity and abundance. The element of Fire is used to help with creativity, passion, courage, transformation and motivation.

You should ideally use all four elements equally with this understanding in your daily rituals. A small white tealight candle floating in bowl of water is generally safe, quick, and essentially has all four elements and colors in balance. 

The word Bible comes from the Greek word "biblion" meaning "library" as the Bible is comprised of many different books and scriptures added together.

Yeshua would be translated into English as "Joshua". Yeshua is the Aramaic name that Jesus was named by his mother Miriam or Mary, who was a Galilean Essene and worked to create the veil for the "Holy of Holies" or the inner chamber to King Herod the Great's Temple at Jerusalem.

The veil was a curtain made of fine linen colored with blue, purple, and red yarn with cherubim embroidered throughout. It was 60 feet in height, 30 feet in width, and a couple inches thick.

Yeshua was arguably the most famous spiritual leader and teacher who has ever lived and despite what many people currently think he did have a biological father. That man was "King Herod the Great" who lived from 72BC to 4BC. 

Before Miriam and Yosef could consummate their marriage the King in the region of Galilee, the northern kingdom of Israel had the perceived divine authority to be with the virgin Miriam before Yosef was. Miriam saw this as God's will and submitted to King Herod willingly. It is known that "King Herod the Great" had many different wives. He was also known as "King Herod the Builder" because he built the temple in Jerusalem, a marina in Caesarea, a plateau fortress on Masada, and another palace called Herodium that was carved out of a mountain top.

Archeologists still haven't found any physical evidence of King Solomon's Temple, which was built by the djinn in the astral plane. So Jerusalem's Temple Mount may have only been built one time, by King Herod the Builder.

When Herod the Great found out that teenage Miriam became pregnant before ever being with her husband Yosef he ordered his soldiers to find the infant and to kill him, as the child would be heir to the throne. King Herod was aware that in places like Carthage, in present day Tunisia, they were still practicing child sacrifice on pillars of stone. Child sacrifice was also performed shortly after the winter solistice in areas like New Grange in Ireland. A practice that eventually led to the Roman defeat of the Druids.

The Magi (short for Magicians) from the East heard of this news and decided they would try to find the child before King Herod's soldiers.

The three magi were of Ur, which would be present day Kuwait and practiced the Babylonian Mithraic religion, using dowsing methods with a pendulum, along with following their intuition, astronomy, and interviewing people to track down where Miriam and Yosef could be found. In fact, they were experts in tracking down anything and anyone using the methods described above.

When the Magi finally found the healthy child already born, they gave the three items of gold, frankincense, and myrhh to the mother, Miriam, so that she could feed them to the child and prepare the child's light body for his future ascension. Gold is edible, you can even order food with gold leaf at some restaurants, or even coloidal gold. Frankincense is edible, chewing on it helps remove demonic influences. Myrhh is like ground up rose petals, which is also edible.

This wasn't at a barn in Bethlehem, the nativity scene actually took place at a cave in Tzfat, the same cave where centuries later Rav Shimon Bar Yochai fasted, prayed, and meditated for many years. The Zohar is attributed to this second century Rabbi, although as the teachings may have been orally passed down, it was actually written by twelve century Moses de Leon in Spain with humilty.

Moses de Leon most likely wrote it down while channeling communication with the Rav Shimon bar Yochai, as a Spirit Guide. The Zohar is a commentary on the Torah, written in Aramaic, and is a very holy book that must be read or scanned in it's original holy letters. The same letters can be used to write in the Hebrew language or the Aramaic language. The reason these letters should not be altered is because the light entering your eyes while scanning works similar to a lock being opened with a key. The key opens the lock due to its unique shape. You should not be afraid to read or scan Zohar, it is a mitzvah, or a blessing.

The Magi decided that they should perform a ritual and prayed asking for divine guidance. Yosef reported to them the next morning that the Archangel Gabriel came to him in a dream and showed him going to Egypt.

The Magi agreed that they should leave the area and take the child to Alexandria, Egypt where the greatest library in the world at the time existed, books from India, Persia, Greece, Egypt and all over the known world would be there.

The library was attended by over 100 teachers that taught freely to students willing to volunteer as scribes that copied the Library's manuscripts, there was also a zoo containing exotic animals from all over the world, and was a culturally diverse city. The Magi would escort and protect the family on the journey there.

Yeshua lived and learned magick for over 16 years in Alexandria, most of his life, returning north to Israel after hearing that his biological father King Herod the Great had died and that his half-brother Antipas was the new King.

Another interesting character is Yeshua's maternal great uncle, Yosef of Arimathea. Arimathea is present day Ramla, Israel which is just west of Jerusalem. Yosef was a wealthy merchant who owned a shipping business that transported tin from Britain to make bronze by mixing it with copper.

Yeshua traveled to the Glastonbury area of Britain twice with his great Uncle Yosef by way of the Siene River in France. The first time he was about 16 and the second time he was around 25 years old. Yeshua learned somethings from the Druids that lived there at the time and also really enjoyed meditating on the hill known as the Torr, looking over a vast green land with ample fresh water and sheep, which was much different from Israel's dry, sandy deserts. Three years after Yeshua's crucifiction Yosef would build the first Christian church in Glastonbury. Other church's were built afterwards in areas of France and Turkey.

In the scriptures it is written that Yeshua walked 40 days and nights in the desert where he was tempted by Satan. Forty days is the amount of time it takes to summon the djinn, which is the same magick that Hiriam Abiff taught King Solomon to astrally build the first temple for the Ark of the Covenant. Tibetan Buddhist Monks have also reportedly built there temples on the astral plane first before the physical manifestation of it.

In the spiritual world there are four main categories of entities. There are good and bad luminous beings extraterrestrial in origin, mostly known as angels or fallen angels. There are good and bad dark beings on Earth that are terrestrial in origin also known as djinn or fairies.

Fallen angels are of a lower vibration, closer to our dimension on Earth, without a physical body, and some can be tricksters. However fallen angels are still beings of light. This is where the importance of discernment between messages coming from higher dimensions of love or lower dimensions of fear become self-evident.

The desert Yeshua walked across was the Empty Quarter of Saudia Arabia which is about a thousand kilometers long, and would take about forty days to walk east towards the Liwa Oasis. He prayed and chanted out loud the entire 40 days and nights through this abandoned area. Abandoned and desolate areas at night, are the areas where Good Dark entities can be found on Earth. 

Areas where there is no human pain and suffering for al-shaytan to feed or any cemetaries, blood, or red meat where al-ghul can feed. The desert is perfect for this. As Yeshua prayed, chanted, walked, and only food fasted for 40 days and nights he only recruited the Good Dark and the Good Light. After such a long period of ketoacidosis, the pineal gland also starts making more DMT, known as the spirit molecule, and it allows you to see more than just the Ultraviolet spectrum of light. It's technically not hallucinating but rather revealing to us the world beyond the veil.

After this forty day trial, Yeshua conjured a Marid (similar to a leprechaun, water dragon, or genie depending on your culture), which is a beneficial type of djinn that grants wishes. Marid's live near abandoned and desolate coastal regions.

Ifreet (pixies and elves) are also mostly beneficial to humans, who are sometimes described as time traveling and shape-shifting that can temporarily manifest as various wild animals. This could also be how Ornithomancy works, or the ancient Greek study of birds for divining. The Ifreet are mostly concerned with preserving nature on Earth because they are terrestrial, we share this space with them.

Jann (the father of the djinn) can be found in abandoned, desolate places on a mountain top or in caves, they are djinn Kings. The Jann mostly remain neutral in any conflicts between the two groups of beneficial djinn versus the two groups of maleficent djinn and sometimes can look rather frightening in appearance. Usually this group strongly prefers to be left alone.

The Jann share space on the mountaintop monasteries with Tibetan monks and you can visibly see the effect. Tibetan monks do not normally fight, or take sides in any conflict, nor do they convert others, they are neutral. The Tibetan monk lifestyle naturally leads to neutrality as they avoid red meat, live celibate lives, control there emotions and cremated their dead rather than bury them. These actions avoid Demonic and Vampiric infestation. 

The djinn that are known to be malevolent are the Shaitans (demons) and the Ghouls (vampires), which feed on blood and can be found by most cemetaries at night. The number of churchs built near cemetaries can be alarming once you realize what is actually happening at these locations with ceremonial rituals involving even the mention of blood. Even some criminal gangs like the Bloods and Crips will typically choose cemetaries to meet at night before going to kill someone. This is done intentionally. Even the Braveheart Bloods using such rallying cries as "Braveheart to the graveyard!", they summon vampires to assist them with their bloody crimes. The Sicilian Mafia and similar organizations involved with murder also work with vampires quite intentionally.

The Shaitan's feed off negative energy and emotional trauma. Naturally environments like prisons and mental hospitals are infested with demons. By controlling one's emotions, you can starve the Shaitan from feeding off the negative human emotions of sadness, fear, and anger.

All djinn are "smokeless fire" originating from stellar light, or even from the magma of Earth's core, entities that prefer to remain unseen. They have freewill like humans, but can live for hundreds of years.

Recently, in some video's and photography, orbs may be seen of various color light. These orbs are angelic and extra-terrestrial the color reveals their frequency. Red orbs are of a lower frequency (trickster Light), Blue orbs are of a higher frequency (beneficial Light).

Sometimes you may even be able to see these spherical orbs in your peripheral vision. The orb is more accurately a spinning merkaba, or a "wheel within a wheel" as Ezekiel describes when he was a prisoner, working and fasting in Babylon.

A merkaba is two spinning pyramid shapes, ultimately spinning into a sphere or an orb. When you are in the presence of angels, a good indication that most people will report is a ringing in their ears or tinnitus. Take this as a sign. Other times it can be a chill down the spine or a muscle twitching.

In quantum physics, the djinn would be known as "dark energy", the term dark is used to describe the unknown and unseen, not to describe something that's harmful.

Dark Energy is roughly 68% of the universe and Dark Matter another 27%, which adds up to 95% of the scientifically known universe that we can observe.

This is how the djinn are able to time travel and shape shift. They form a communication matrix that stretches throughout time and space. Other European cultures may even use the terms "fae", "fairfolk", or "fairies", to describe djinn.

Yeshua performed miracles after he passed this test, eating only a few dates and cilantro and as much water that he could carry. He reached a hypnogogic state, a state of mind in between being awake and being asleep. He began seeing more than just the ultraviolet spectrum that we are used to seeing naturally. He became aware during this Vision Quest that other entities and intelligences are always around us, we just don't normally see them and was able to intentionally communicate with them. Amnesia usually occurs over time when something remains out of sight and out of mind, this is the case for most people that are Athiest.

When Yeshua was later crucified for being "King of the Jews" it was because he had told the secret of his lineage to Yehudit. He was also accused of sorcery after resurrecting Lazarus by the power of the "Prince of Demons".

Yeshua responded that a house divided against itself can not stand, and to judge a tree by its fruit. Yeshua had performed exorcisms by the authority of God's name, the One who made Adam from earth and water, and the Djinn, prior to Adam, by fire and air. The Shaitan disobeyed God's order to be subservient to human's out of pride and envy.

The Shaitan argued that they would prove to God that human's were not worthy of God's grace, and would tempt human's to sin by whispering to them.

The Shaitan existed on Earth before humans, live longer than humans, were more powerful than humans, and this led to the spiritual test of all human's on Earth, which was ultimately allowed by God. Earth would be a spiritual university where all souls would be tested.

Yehuda Iscariot (whose name Yehuda means praise) was not the one who betrayed Yeshua. They were actually three Judas. Two men and one female (Yehudit translates to Judith). Judas Iscariot carried the groups money and handled business, Jude Thaddeus who became the patron Saint for hope and impossible causes, and Didymous Yehudit Ta'oma, the "twin". Didymous means twin in Greek, and Ta'oma means twin in Aramaic.

This female Judith referred to as "the twin" was the real wife of Yeshua from the wedding at Cana that Yeshua's mother Miriam attended. She was never known as "Thomas" that came later to hide the fact that Jesus had a wife, and before his marriage had dated Miriam of Magdala. As the wife of Yeshua she was his spiritual equal or twin. In fact, the last verse of the Gospel of Thomas hints that if Mary wants to become equal to the apostles, she must become like a man.

Eventually Didymous Yehudit Ta'oma told the wrong people near Jerusalem that Yeshua was of a royal bloodline after a crowd of people witnessed the resurrection of Lazarus. This was her betrayal, revealing Yeshua's secret, that eventually lead to Didymous Yehudit's suicide later on.

The Shaitan tricked Didymous Yehudit Ta'oma by whispering to her, causing an unintentional betrayal, as Yehudit was so trusted by Yeshua, she was the one he chose for the sacrament of matrimony.

When a person commits suicide during a period of severe mental anguish it represents a true tragedy, as when a soul crosses over to the next dimension your life's memories go with you. That soul can be reliving that same mental anguish for a long period of time until the soul can be reincarnated, which is the real danger of suicide.

Yeshua could foresee his future crucifiction and Yehudit's future suicide when he was crying in the Garden of Gethsemane. He was more upset about what would happen to the soul of his most trusted apostle then weeping for himself.

When Yeshua was sent to be judged by his half-brother Herod Antipas, Yeshua was actually pardoned. All witnesses at the trial testified that Yeshua had no political ambitions, fraticide and regicide was not necessary.

However Pontius Pilate was a paranoid maniac who felt threatened by Yeshua's royal bloodline. Pontius Pilate crucified thousands of people in the southern kingdom of Judea for minor misdemeanors and would not pardon Yeshua, in fact he challenged Yeshua to perform another public miracle and to come off the cross with his magick. Flipping over all the coin changing tables near the Temple Mount alone could  be seen as the misdemeanor of "criminal mischief". However, Yeshua was actually arrested for blasphemy, his crime of being labeled "King of the Jews", which he never claimed to be, this is only what others called him.

Pontius Pilate wanted to show his subjects that he was more powerful then Yeshua was. Pontius Pilate ordered his soldiers to make a mockery of this "King of the Jews". A Jewish spiritual leader of a royal bloodline and a growing messianic following was a threat to Roman rule.

The flogging and the crown of thorns it was all Pontius Pilates plan to humilate Yeshua. Ultimately, Pontius Pilate would commit suicide himself after the suffering from the guilt and shame of what he had truly done.

It is also true that while Yeshua was on the cross a small earthquake started to happen in the immediate area, after he said, "it is accomplished". This was the miracle that Pontius Pilate demanded when he publicly challenged Yeshua to this test of power between the two. Yehudit may have been the one who summoned Agares to create the earthquake during her suicide. So it can be argued that she didn't betray Yeshua but sacrificed herself to save him. The betrayal itself of revealing his secret was unintentional.

Usually a crucifiction will take a couple days as it is meant to be a long, painful, agonizing death but after only 3 hours on the cross a Roman soldier decided to take Yeshua off the cross and seal him in a tomb during the chaos after the earthquake. Aftershocks later unsealed the tomb that Yosef of Arimathea had prepared for Yeshua. Yeshua was speared in his side, but it missed his heart by divine intervention. Then it was Yehuda Iscariot who helped Yeshua escape to the Greek island of Patmos, off the coast of Turkey.

Just as Abram's name was changed to Abraham, after the crucifiction and resurrection of Yeshua his name and identity intentionally changed to Yohan or John which means "God is Gracious" and he lived in seclusion on Patmos where he lived and wrote the Revelations from a cave. His wife's suicide while Yeshua was on the cross led to a depression and self isolation.

He changed his name in honor of his cousin, John the Baptist, the son of Zechariah and Elishivah (Elizabeth), who was Miriam's sister. The name change was also in an effort to live a peaceful and private life free from fame and harassment.

In the Zohar, it is written that by taking the consonants of YHVH and combining them with the vowels of Elohim, you will receive the true name of the Divine Trinity. You should not speak this words out loud during casual conversation unless you are intentionally praying, that is why most Jews use "HaShem" which just means "The Name". 

This would be YeHoViH, when creating the feminine aspect of God and YaHoVaH when creating the masculine aspect of the Lord.

Somehow this indescribable divine intelligence became self-aware and expanded from endless Da'ath to create and entire new Universe with the Big Bang, resulting in many fractal replications of itself using Sacred Geometry and the Tree of Life or the Sephirot. There seem to be eleven Universes connected to each other in parallel dimensions. This is also known as the Multiverse.

Everyone living today has Soul Contracts, Karmic Relationships, and even Ancestral Tikkun.

Our life on Earth is a type of spiritual university where we must be tested, and if we don't pass the tests then we will face the same challenges repeatedly. There is a long line of souls from all different dimensions waiting to be born on Earth an ensoul as human beings. Being born on Earth at this time is like spiritually winning the lottery. It is your chance to become anyone that you wish to be!

Holding onto feelings of victimhood, blame, or anger will only hurt yourself, therefore its best to let it go. It's in your own self interest for growth. Forgiveness to those that may have wronged you in the past is a gift to yourself. These things must be achieved before your Earthly death.

Any words of complaint to others about your own past traumas is like cursing your self, and may even be the cause of your own suffering as time is not linear in its essence. Time itself is only relative and at the speed of light can not be measured at all.

Many people that find themselves stuck in this loop of victimhood, suffering, complaining, and gossip have to live in the present moment and focus on the good. Writing a gratitude list daily can help transition you from being a pessimist to an optimist. Choose to find the good in others and you will become magnetic to people. Blessings and praises will naturally be reciprocated by others in time.

That is why it is always better to wish a troubled and stressed person well. If prison and hospital conditions were improved, than the demons on Earth that feed on human pain and suffering would be starved and defeated. Genetically removing emotions from DNA like the Grey's did would be unnecessary. They claim to be a humanoid race from our future, with no emotions, humor, sexual organs, or love. Grey ET's also report coming from an environment that has become toxic from nuclear radiation.

In Revelations, the face of the Lion, Bull, Man, and Eagle are a reference to the precession of the equinox. In the clockwise order from the "virgin birth" of human souls on Earth as Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio. The ceremonial magicians perception is expanded to a much larger reference of time.

The magick of Jesus that remains today was found buried in a tomb in Egypt closer to the border of Ethiopia, and later purchased at a northern Egyptian market by Scottish explorer James Bruce around 1769.

The fragmented and impartial "Bruce Codex", which contains magickal ritual instructions in Coptic, is recreated in the Youtube video below. David Griffin and Leslie McQuade are the spiritual leaders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and their own 508-c which is Alpha Omega Free Church.

This untitled manuscript of IEOU has the secret Divine Names and ritual instructions that Yeshua taught to his inner circle. The Bruce Codex is a Coptic translation, dictated to Arye (Andrew) by Yeshua, as he knew how to write in Coptic.

The Divine Names when verbally vibrated act like a key of soundwaves opening a door to higher dimensions and need to remain exact.

David and Leslie, in the video below have restored this powerful and ancient magick by trial and error, practicing the ritual every morning at sunrise in the desert of Nevada, until finally finding the vowels that resonated and worked. As some of the manuscript had missing parts.

We can now be personally empowered by the authentic rituals of Yeshua, ascending our prayers and souls to their fullest divine potential!

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