Tzaphqiel Sigil

Tzaphqiel SigilORIGIN The Archangel of the Sephirah BinahPURPOSE Tzaphqiel is omniscient of every event that has ever occured. As long as your honest and sincere with good intentions then Tzaphqiel will assist you.APPEARANCE A tall masculine Archangel with bright silver wings. Tzaphqiel wears a black robe with a red amulet around his neck. He carries a black rod in this right hand and a glowing cup in his left. Around his head is an Egyptian looking nemyss, such as the one around the Sphinx.

Harayel Sigil

Harayel SigilORIGIN An angel of SaturnPURPOSE Protection against psychic or physical danger.APPEARANCE A female angel with golden wings, red hair, and wearing a brown robe. A short sword is tucked in her blue belt.

Aratron Sigil

Aratron SigilsORIGIN Planetary spirit from SaturnPURPOSEReunites consciousness with the Divine, which is the true goal of alchemy. May help with the transmutation of elements or give you the names and sigils of other entities that can assist you. Can also improve your health.APPEARANCEA bearded man that rides a black dragon. He wears a black robe covered in glowing and colorful gemstones.

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