Vimarone Sigil

Vimarone SigilORIGIN Spirit of the MoonPURPOSE Can teach you how to manifest objects from the mental or astral plane to the physical. This may take months of practice to achieve, Magicians like Chris Angel have used this sigil to perform certain abilities that are not illusions.APPEARANCE A man with long brown hair, wearing a purple robe, and carries a silver mirror in his right hand.

Tzaphqiel Sigil

Tzaphqiel SigilORIGIN The Archangel of the Sephirah BinahPURPOSE Tzaphqiel is omniscient of every event that has ever occured. As long as your honest and sincere with good intentions then Tzaphqiel will assist you.APPEARANCE A tall masculine Archangel with bright silver wings. Tzaphqiel wears a black robe with a red amulet around his neck. He carries a black rod in this right hand and a glowing cup in his left. Around his head is an Egyptian looking nemyss, such as the one around the Sphinx.

Tzadqiel Sigil

Tzadqiel SigilORIGIN The Archangel of the Sephirah ChesedPURPOSE Can help you diplomatically handle any situation in life. If you are confused about a difficult choice, summon this wise ruler to show you which is the best decision.APPEARANCE A white-winged Archangel that wears a blue robe with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Tharsis Sigil

Tharsis SigilORIGIN An angel of elemental WaterPURPOSE Can help bring peace to all kinds of relationships. Can also explain the truth about soulmates and other matters of love. APPEARANCE An androgynous angel with a masculine upper body and face, yet female from the waist down. Tharsis wears a transparent yellow robe.

Teftin Sigil

Teftin SigilORIGIN Spirit of UranusPURPOSE Can help you develop new technologies or improve existing ones. Looking at the tablet he holds in a hypnogogic state can give you a glimpse of several future devices, which could be helpful to inventors or even writers of science fiction that are looking for new ideas.APPEARANCE An elderly man with long white hair that wears a robe of metallic cloth. In his left hand he has a book and in his right hand is a large black tablet that flashes images.

Taliahad Sigil

Taliahad SigilORIGIN Angel of elemental WaterPURPOSE Can assist you with creating powerful talismans for any purpose. Taliahad will tell you the appropriate time to evoke her again, to guide you in a magickal talisman ritual that can help you find a compatible partner for yourself or someone else.APPEARANCE A beautiful woman with hypnotic purple eyes. She is mostly naked with flawless pale white skin and wears a grey sash tied around her waist. In all seriousness, be careful not to become fascinated with Taliahad.

Sirchade Sigil

Sirchade SigilORIGIN UnknownPURPOSE Can assist with the ability to control animals of all types. Sirchade can teach you how to create an amulet that would work to keep dangerous animals away from you.APPEARANCE Sirchade has the head of a dog, with wings like a bat, and scales covering its body. Its mouth is very long, and his appearance is rather difficult to look at.

Seraph Sigil

Seraph SigilORIGIN Angel of elemental FirePURPOSE Can give you a boost of energy to accomplish any task. Seraph can also summon a vast number of Salamanders to help you accomplish a variety of purposes. Seraph can also teach you how to create potions that will help you control and harness energy within you.APPEARANCE A fierce expression with blazing eyes that seem to be very critical. He is clothed in golden orange flames and has a sleek, thin build.

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